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What is Waterdance or Wassertanzen?

Waterdance (Wassertanzen) is a form of aquatic therapy that was developed in 1987 by psychologist Aman Schroter and body therapist Arjana Brunschwiler in Switzerland independently from Watsu. In 1993 Watsu and Waterdance were brought together in Europe and the USA.

Waterdance is performed in 94-96 degree water temperature. The client wears a nose clip and is guided into the water upon exhalation of the breath. Moves become more three-dimensional in nature as less body support is required by the practitioner. Movements on the surface alternate rhythmically with those underwater and are tailored specifically to the clients needs and breathing rhythm. Waterdance is reminiscent of moves seen in Japanese aikido and fluid undulations of the spine.

Due to submersion in Waterdance the dive reflex is elicited. Triggering this reflex can decrease the heart rate and create deep states of relaxation and meditation as well as shifts in perception of time and space. Waterdance techniques can be combined with the Watsu sessions that we offer.


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